E-TEXTILE : Conductive Silicone

We have high concern about the performance of our customer’s products. To help them to build the perfect product we research and develop the solutions they need.

Connect it, electric it, calculate and analyse it. This intelligent clothing market is forecast to eventually become a trillion-dollar industry and we want to help you to take part of it.

This business has grown drastically since the last five years. However, there is a significant change on the way the trackers are integrated with the “new generation” of the wearable technology. The first generation of wearables was more about smart watches, glasses and such devices. But now the trackers are directly integrated to the clothing. They became a part of it to be lighter and more discreet. The result is a second skin carrying for us (tracking health indicators as heartbeats, breathing, energy loss…)

The potential for innovation and the development of new value streams is virtually limitless. We help our customers to successfully drive innovation, and to push them out of the red ocean of competitors with reliable support and solutions.

Our goal is to give a strong add-value to our customer’s products and follow them on the wearable revolution. That’s why we developed a high performance conductive silicone. This thin material (0,3mm) with high performances (surface resistivity <190Ω/΋) is designed for application direct to the skin (ISO 140001 & USP Biological Tests Classification VI). This product is already industrialized on several innovative things, the next can be yours!

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