EMI Shielding: Cu Mesh film

How to make invisible EMI shielding? COMPELMA have the answer!

The most common technology used nowadays to shield a window is the ITO film. This technology has several disadvantages regarding cost, shielding level, and time life.

We are proposing an alternative to this obsolete technology: Cu mesh.

This Cu mesh is manufactured by photo-etching. The mesh is protected on one side by a PET film and on the other by a black layer. This black layer protects from oxidation and limits light reflection.

This product is widely used in avionic, medical, military display and communication equipment, for EMI shielding application.

The photo-etching process of this film provides a high transparency (more than 85% of opening) for a low surface resistance (0.25Ω/΋).

This film is 0,1 mm thickness and can be laminate to glass window or polycarbonate (the dimensions and the thickness are on demand, following your needs). We can drill and countersink the polycarbonate sheets to provide the perfect answer to your expectations.

We can add EMI gaskets (conductive fabric over polyurethane foam) to the window, to make perfect EMI sealing around it.

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