ISO 9001 2015 agreed !

septembER 25th, 2017, Compelma received the new version of ISO 9001 norm: 2015 version ! 
our Quality Manager TALKS ABOUT it:
  • What is your function within Compelma ?

"I took the position of quality manager within Compelma organization in January 2017. I manage four principles missions: the PPAP management in automotive (required by TS 16949 norm), the regulation management (Reach, ROhS…), the treatment of non-conformities and customers’ complaints, and the implementation of the new version ISO 9001 norm: 2015 version."

  • What are stakes of ISO 9001 2015 version for Compelma ?

"To understand company’s stakes, I analyzed with the director and a consultant, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Compelma and stakeholders. Following this analyze we developed axes of improvements in each of our 8 processes. Stakes was to achieve objectives, predict risks and opportunities, and to satisfy needs of your most exigent customers."

  • Which difficulties encountered you during the installation of this 2015 version ?

"The main difficulty was at first, to make an inventory of the Compelma’s situation. The 2015 version of ISO 9001 norm is more exigent than the 2008 version, it is heavier and stricter. Furthermore, my function of quality manager has been a challenge. Another difficulty was to centralize and analyze all information which I receive by salesmen or other members of Compelma. I have to make everyone adhere to a methodological change."

  • What are stengths of Compelma on this 2015 version ?

"There are many strong strengths! First, we have all necessary resources to continue in this path of success and keep this certification. We have linguistic resources brouth by colleagues which speak English and Chinese that facilitates our international trade. We have also the chance to have a very reactive team."

  • How do you see the future of Compelma's Quality ?

"The future of Compelma in quality department should be serene. Every 5 years, the ISO 9001 norm shall be reviewed but the most important thing is to understand the 2015 version and its application. Thanks to the development of our new CRM, Compelma will reinforce its analyze of risks and opportunities. We could operate all data to measure and analyze customer experience feedback. All of this will allow us to go ahead, I see the future of Compelma very promising with our way of working. And for me, the new version of ISO 9001 is very important for Compelma."

All the Compelma team is proud to strengthen its quality of services for you, for ever better serve you.