Electronic setup with Compelma support

Let's have a look to a concrete example of a project on which our Compelma team worked.

In the following PCB, our team was asked to propose hardware components for several problematics:

  1. Protection against electromagnetic interferences
  2. Thermal management
  3. Connection with another PCB.
Compelma supplies 5 EMC and thermal products on this PCB

Protection against electromagnetic interferences:

Conductive Fabric Over Foam Gasket

The first component is a conductive fabric over foam gasket. This gasket is composed of a polyurethane foam coated with a conductive textile.

This kind of conductive gasket is really soft and exists with different profiles. It has a conductive adhesive part to apply it on any products.

Shielding Frames and Covers

The second part is a custom shielding case on the PCB. This one was manufactured by etching and blending. It is composed of tin steel, however we suggest to use as much as possible Nickel Silver for your development because of a better resistance to oxidation.

You can find on the page referring to the shielding cases our standard shielding parts and you can contact our team for custom design and material.

Spring (Finger) contact

This kind of spring metallic part makes contact between two PCB and ensures an accurate mechanical strength. You can find a wide range of spring contact on the spring finger contact page.

Compelma designs most of this part understanding that every application and project is unique. That is why our pieces are mainly custom.

For every part Compelma provides a mechanical report (strength, material, etc). We also provide sample parts using soft tooling until you validate the part. Then we switch to industrial tooling for mass production.

These parts are aminly delivered on reel for automatic (SMT) process.

Thermal management

High Performance Thermal Interface

High performance thermal interfaces are a main element in an efficient setup.

With electrical components working faster and being smaller the heat and the power to dissipate increase.

That is why Compelma propose high performance thermal interfaces to conduct the heat from the component surface to the heatsink.

We have have a various range of thermal interfaces for different needs. The hardness, the thermal conductivity, the thickness, the breakdown voltage are important parameters to keep in mind. Our team is here to define the adapted solution fitting your requirements.

You can have an over view of our product here or here for the Ultra Soft interfaces or here for the thermal pastes and dispensing.

Connection with another PCB:

Elastomeric Rubber Connectors

Elastomeric connectors (also know as zebra connector) are used to connect PCB, displays, test supports, etc. This component have a high reliability and softness.

This part might be customized for a specific height, thickness, thread, etc.

You can find all the information and the datasheet on the elastomeric connector page.

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