Thermoelectric Peltier Modules

Peltier-effect modules for fast, accurate temperature management

Thermoelectric Peltier modules create a temperature differential between the two ceramic surfaces by passing an electric current through the thermocouples. The temperature differential generated by the passage of current through the thermocouples is known as the Peltier effect.

These thermoelectric modules provide fast, accurate temperature control by modulating the current. These Peltier modules can be used in active or passive mode.

However, they are limited to small areas and currents.

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Thermoelectric modules, Key points : 

  • Enables rapid and highly accurate control of surface temperature
  • Wide choice of sizes and power ratings
  • Used in active (powered) or passive (sensor) mode

Large catalogue of standard thermoelectric modules available (contact us to refine your search).

Description of thermoelectric modules

Peltier modules are used as heat pumps or collectors. They require heat sinks to evacuate the heat pumped out.

The use of thermal interfaces is also recommended to ensure the efficiency of the heat sink and mechanical strength. Compelma can provide turnkey assembly.

A DC voltage is used to obtain a temperature difference (between the two ceramic plates) of 70°C for a single-stage Peltier module.

Thermoelectric modules can be multiplexed for greater thermal efficiency.

Advantages :

  • Reliability
  • Solid component
  • No fluids
  • Precise temperature management
  • Small footprint

Peltier modules can be used for

  • Active operation: the module is powered, which results in forced heat transfer between the interfaces.
  • Passive operation: the module acts as a sensor. Depending on the temperature difference between its surfaces, it generates a proportional electric current.

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