RF and EMI Shielding Window Film


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An efficient EMI shieding on large windows without extra-cost
keeping high transparency and no oxidation along time?
Yes it is possible!

There is two main ways to make a transparent EMI shielding window.

ITO film - RF and EMI Shielding Window Film - Compelma

ITO Film

ITO film is a metallized PET film (a thin layer of metal is sputtered on a PET layer).
This EMI shielding technology is exposed to long term oxidation due to the manufacturing process (the film may switch to yellow or keep finger prints).
ITO film for transparent EMI shielding has low EMI shielding performance (mainly above 10Ω/□). This EMI shielding level can be a problem for demanding applications (as military, RFID integration or medical projects).
ITO film is also mechanically fragile, precautions should be taken during lamination process.

Microscopic view of EMI film - RF and EMI Shielding Window Film - Compelma

Cu Mesh Film

Cu Mesh Film is a photo-etched copper foil laminated on a PET layer (0,1mm total thickness).
Thanks to the copper conductivity, this transparent EMI shielding film has high performances (below 0,2Ω/□).
Its mechanical structure ensures good mechanical properties and no breaking during lamination process.
This film is manufactured in roll of 1 500 mm width and tens of meter long to cover big windows.

A microscopic manufacturing process thanks to photo-etching

Microscopic view of Cu Mesh film - RF and EMI Shielding Window Film - Compelma

The manufacturing process to make this transparent EMI shielding film has imporved since last years.
No more bus bar or grounding strips are required thanks to the high electrical conductivity on any point of the EMI shielding windows.
Previous manufacturing processes required tooling cost for each size of EMi shielding window. This is not the case anymore. The film is directly laminated on any support and at any dimensions.
A protective layer is put on the EMI shielding film to ensure a high protection level against oxidation.

High transparency thanks to the micro-mesh (>80%)

Transparency of Cu Mesh film for EMI shielding application - RF and EMI Shielding Window Film - Compelma

Transparency is a key point when talking about EMI and RF shielding for windows.
We are aware of it, and worked to propose an opening rate below 150 OPI (Openings per Inch) ensuring a transparency over 80%.
Using photo etching process to make this microscopic Cu Mesh, the result is only a pale brown layer for an EMI shielding level over 50dB.

High surface conductivity thanks to the copper material (<0,2 Ω/□)

Resistivity measurement of laminated Cu Mesh - RF and EMI Shielding Window Film - Compelma

Keeping a high electrical conductivity level and keeping transparency on the same time is the key challenge of proposing a transparent EMI shielding film for windows.
The raw copper material used to make the film ensures a high electrical conductivity on the whole surface of the EMI shielding windows.
No more bus bar or grounding strips are required thanks to the high electrical conductivity on any point of the EMI shielding windows.

High EMI and RF shielding level

Copper conductivity ensures a high shielding level

EMI shielding level of Cu Mesh Film - RF and EMI Shielding Window Film - Compelma

The Cu Mesh film ensures an electromagnetic shielding over 50dB on the main EMI frequencies.
From 30MHz to 6GHz, EMI sheidling is over 40dB. and over 50dB from 30MHz to 1GHz.

Proven efficiency in demanding projects

Cu Mesh film for military application - RF and EMI Shielding Window Film - Compelma
EMI sheilding film for medical application - RF and EMI Shielding Window Film - Compelma

This film is used as well to make electrical equipment invisible on military operations (no electromagnetic detection by radars).
But also on medical rooms, to protect medical staff and equipment from electromagnetic fields.
This EMI shielding film is also widely used in industrial projects as RFID inventory or in anechoic chambers.

Turnkey RF and EMI shielded windows

Turnkey EMI window - RF and EMI Shielding Window Film - Compelma

We deliver the film ready to use (laminated with an optical adhesive).
We also propose turnkey EMI shielding windows. We laminate our film on glass or polycarbonate supports, ready to be assembled.
The lamination process is made in clean rooms to ensure a high optical quality and no dust or defaults on the final EMI shielded windows.

Send us the dimensions and the material
Get your transparent EMI shielding windows ready to be assembled.

All delivered EMI shielding windows are guaranteed without optical defect and strickly protected during transportation.
We can take care of the transport until your production site.

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This Cu mesh film is widely used for EMI and RF shielding window by our main customers.

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RF and EMI Shielding Window Film

Transparent Electro-Magnetic (EMI) and Radio Frequency (RF) shielding for large opening windows

Transparency >80%
Surface resistance <0,2 Ω/□
EMI Shielding >50dB (from 30MHz to 6GHz)
Opening per Inch <150 OPI

Cu Mesh Film - RF and EMI Shielding Window Film - Compelma
Compelma is Reach and Roch compliant
Compelma is IATF 16949 compliant (automotive)
Compelma is ISO 9001 certified
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