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Everything you need to know about our different EMI and thermal products and technologies.

Spring Finger Contacts (SMT)

Everything you need to know about the use, integration and manufacturing of spring finger contact (SMT).

How are they manufactured? How are they assembled? What are the technical constraints?

The perfect article for anyone designing electronics assemblies.

EMI Shielding Gaskets

EMI shielding gaskets provide EMI and IP sealing in assemblies.

Several technologies exist:

  • Foil over Foam (FoF) Emi shielding gaskets
  • EMI shielding metallic gaskets
  • EMI shielding gaskets made of conductive silicone (and bi-material)

How do you know which one is best? How are they made? Why so many possibilities?

All the answers and more in this technical article on EMI shielding gaskets.

Conductive film for EMI shielding windows

What is an EMI shielded glass? How to make an EMI shielded windows using a Cu Mesh film?

When is EMI shielding film used? What are the applications?

All the answers and more in this technical article on EMI shielded windows.

EMI shielding cases and frames

Shielding covers are the most efficient solution to resolve EMI issues on PCBs by providing localized EMI shielding.

How are they made? How to integrate them? What are the risks and opportunities?

All the answers in this technical article.

Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

Thermal interfaces are among the most widespread products on the market.

How to choose a Gap Filler or thermal pad for heat dissipation in electronics?

How to integrate it? What are the constraints? The possibilities ?

All the answers and more information in this technical article.

Elastomeric connectors

Elastomeric connectors are interconnection components that are not well know. However, these connectors allow a high connection density and are an economical alternative to metal connectors (spring contact type).

How do they work? What are the technical specifications? How to integrate them?

All the answers in this technical article to know everything about these connectors.