One-Stop-Shop for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Thermal Management

EMC and Thermal Management advisory.
Supplier of technical components, standards and tailor made from prototyping to mass production for the biggest industrial actors.

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Compelma is Reach and Roch compliant
Compelma is IATF 16949 compliant (automotive)
Compelma is ISO 9001 certified

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Product panel of Compelma - Panel de produits Compelma - EMI and thermal - CEM et thermique

Our EMI and Thermal Products

All our technologies are customized for each project.
From electromagnetic components (ferrites, covers, contacts) using materials as Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, etc.
To thermal management products (heatsinks, thermal interfaces (TIM), fans).
Contact our team to find the solution to your project.

Multi-sector Expertise

We know the specifications inherent to your field of activity.
Mass production and high quality constraints for automotive.
Specific materials for medical application.
Performance and lifetime of military project.
We are certified ISO 9001 and our suppliers are IATF 16949
Secteurs d'activité de COMPELMA - Thermique et CEM - militaire, automobile, telecom, etc.
Field of activity of Compelma - EMI and thermal management - Military, Medical, telecom.
Compelma is worldwide. Compelma est présent à l'international.

Worldwide Company

Our network is powerful enough to deliver worldwide with adapted lead times.
Over 60% of turnover is done internationally.

Tools and Simulation

Our tooling is adapted to make parts from prototyping to mass production.
Our expertise is an asset to provide the most efficient solution based on our experience.
Over 80% of our products are tailor made.
Outils de simulation thermique Compelma - Thermal simulation compelma - EMI thermal - CEM et thermique

About Compelma:

Specialized in EMI, EMC and Thermal management since over 30 years.
With interactions in over 27 countries over the world, we are close to you and to your needs.

With 90% of custom solutions and the ISO 9001 2015 qualification, Compelma will always adapt to your needs.

3 values are essential to your satisfaction: responsiveness, cooperation and innovation.For us confidentiality goes with respect and trust towards our customers and our team.

Member of the ICE Groupe, a federation of 17 industrial companies working together, since 2006.

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